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#ShowYourWork: Killer Wife

I don’t think Mike has a title for this one yet, but I’m loving her crazy hair.

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Arts and Ideas Festival in New Haven, Connecticut

100_1216Last weekend, The Soupcan displayed pieces at the Arts and Ideas festival in New Haven, Connecticut in his brother RZP Art‘s booth. He brought prints of “Stand Out,” “Filthy Pantry,” and “Guilty.” So far, “Stand Out” is his bestseller!

"Stand Out," by Mike the Soupcan

The festival continues through the rest of June, but the guys are now preparing for the Bridgeport art show on July 11th. More info coming soon!

If you are interested in purchasing prints by The Soupcan, please visit our shop or email us.

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#ShowYourWork: Recent Finished Paintings (June 2015)

Check out what Mike finished this month!

These paintings were on display at Art in the Park, and will be available at upcoming shows. For more details on Mike’s upcoming appearances, join our email list.

Which one is your favorite? I may be biased, as his wife, but “Stand Out” (top right) is my favorite.

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Art in the Park in Manchester, Connecticut

Mike "The Soupcan" Campbell at Booth 100 at Art in the Park, Manchester, CT, June 2015.
Mike “The Soupcan” Campbell at Booth 100 at Art in the Park, Manchester, CT, June 2015.

This weekend, Mike displayed pieces for sale at the Art in the Park art festival in Manchester, CT. Among display were:

  • “Guilty”
  • “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream”
  • “Stand Out”
  • “Filthy Pantry”
  • “Night Bitch”

Of them all, “Filthy Pantry” (not pictured) was the most popular and most asked about for prints. We will definitely be ordering some for sale soon!

Mike shared a booth with his brother, artist Robbie Pelletier. Throughout the day, both connected with other local artists in hopes of later collaborating on projects and shows.

The event was definitely a success!

Want us to let you know the next time Mike has a show? Click here!

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#ShowYourWork: Zombies in Progress

Slowly but surely, this piece is coming together. It’s one of my favorites of Michael’s so far. 😊

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Self-portrait in Progress